Game Player Help

If you are having problems loading one of our games, this guide will be of assistance. Many of your problems can be solved by avoiding the Chrome browser.

Google Chrome was recently updated and no longer supports the Unity Web Player. In addition, with Chrome and some other browsers, Flash Games require a special configuration to allow them to run in the Settings section of your browser. In general, if you see a blank white square, the file just downloads, or get an error message about the game not being supported, that is the most likely reason. The simplest solution is to just use another browser that stills support it. Safari and Internet Explorer 11 support Unity games. You can use Firefox and most other browsers to play Flash games.

Additional Game Loading Tips:

1.) Be patient. Some games can take a while to load before starting (up to a minute or so for really big games). You should see a progress bar as the game loads near the bottom, or the screen will change colors and show a pattern. If you see an ad where the game plays, you will have the option to close it by clicking on the 'x' located at the top right to speed up loading once it appears. You can also try clicking on the 'reload' link to get the game to load again in case you had a connectivity issue. You can choose to play a game in full-screen mode by clicking on the "full screen "link.

2.) If the screen is blank, or you get a plug-in missing error, you are most likely missing required browser plugins.

Many games require the following free downloads.

Adobe Flash
- Adobe Flash Download Link  (Note: uncheck any "special offers" that might be checked in the terms, like McAfee Security Scan, etc. You just need the basic flash player.)

Unity Player - Unity Player Download Link (Note: The Unity Player allows fantastic game playing, such as Star Wars type games, and is currently supported by Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Samsung and other companies. It is safe to use without any spyware or spam issues and installs quickly). The Unity Player is only supported on a limited number of browsers, such as Safari and Internet Explorer 11.

3.) Certain browsers, such as Chrome may block your installed game plugins from working. If that happens you can allow the plugin to work by clicking "Always run on this site" when asked. Subsequent visits will run the plug-in without asking you for permission again. You will see a red 'x' at the top right of your browser in the address bar if this is an issue. Click on the 'x to correct the problem.

4.) After you have installed all the required plug-ins, you will need to restart your browser by closing all open windows.

5.) If you are trying to play games on a tablet or mobile phone (Andriod / iPhone), the displayed games should be compatible with it. If you are still seeing desktop games, meaning the system did not recognize your mobile device, just select the mobile link at the top. You should use use the most mobile compatible browser on your device. This is often achieved by running one of the App browsers included on your tablet or phone. Certain game features, such as swiping and tapping, require a touch-sensitive mobile compatible browser. In some cases you may be able to get things to work better when playing in "full screen" mode which is located on the top right of the game menu.

Finally, please contact us for additional technical support or to report a broken game.