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KidzSearch provides a simple solution to an important problem. How do you allow kids to access the internet and keep them protected. Over the years many different solutions to this issue have surfaced. One of the most common is to install software that blocks specific sites, or categories of sites. For example, it might block all websites containing user-generated content. The main drawback to this approach is that it significantly reduces academic value. For example, teacher blog sites would be blocked. One loses access to the countless number of smaller sites tailored for children that are not likely to be on an “approved” list.  One can manually give access to specific sites, but it is just not feasible when one realizes that 1000’s of new websites are created every day.

KidzSearch takes a different approach that allows access to all academic material, including new sites. We provide a search engine that screens the actual content of every page in the results. If it detects harmful content, the result is not shown. We accomplish this by partnering with the leading search company in the world – Google. Google provides us with the most advance filtering system available. This technology, called SafeSearch, is also available on Google’s website. However, in order to use it on Google.com you need to make sure your kids are logged into their system and that SafeSearch filtering is properly set.  If your computer reboots, or cookies get cleared, it will not be safe. KidzSearch provides access to SafeSearch, but without requiring any special settings. All searches done on KidzSearch use Safe Search.

SafeSearch is a great technology, but it must appeal to a large audience of users. In many cases it stills return pg-13 type results that are not suitable for children. In order to make KidzSearch safe enough for kids, we have added additional filtering layers. Certain keyword terms, such as the term “lingerie” are entirely blocked from returning any results. More restrictions are put on the type of sites that can be returned for image and video searches, since those results are more sensitive.

We encourage you to explore KidzSearch and see for yourself why so many schools use us as their search engine provider. Of course, children must always be supervised when using the internet, but you can breathe a little easier knowing they won’t find anything bad while looking for websites when doing school research or homework assignments.

We also added many features designed just for kids, such as a home help section, best learning sites, video learning library and more. Kids can even customize the interface and add their own personalized messages.  Studies show that this type of personalization encourages use.




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