How to Lock YouTube and Google SafeSearch Results


Locking YouTube and Google Safe Search Results

This article will tell you how to lock both YouTube and Google results so they are safe. It just takes a few minutes to do it.

Locking Google
Create a Google account if you don’t have one.  A free account can be created here.  After you are signed into your account (it only works if you’re logged in), go to the Google Preferences section. Make sure The “Filter Explicit Results” box is checked. Next, click Lock SafeSearch. You will be asked to sign in again to your account. Click the “Lock SafeSearch” button.  It takes a few seconds to complete the locking process. Any searches on will now be safe.

Please note that many people find it easier to just use since it also locks results from any computer and you don’t need to be signed-in for it to work. For added safety, if you want to also make sure adult sites can’t be typed in the browser url, please see our Website Blocking Guide

Here is a video by that explains how to lock SafeSearch on Google’s Chrome browser.

Blocking YouTube Results
At the bottom of any YouTube page you will see a Safety dropdown list.  Click on it so it shows “Safety Mode” right under it.  Select the “On” option button and click Save.  You will be asked to sign-in to your Google account if you have not done so already.

You must be signed in to your Google account for the settings to stay.  Close your browser and open it again.  Go to YouTube and scroll to the bottom to verify that Safety Mode is set.  If not, set it again (we had to do it twice to stick).  Your YouTube results will now be safe.  Please be aware that this method is not perfect and based on community video ratings, but it is the best available filtering YouTube offers. We encourage you to try it out and decide for yourself.

If you are using YouTube on a mobile device, select the YouTube logo on the top left and touch the gear icon.  Select “Safety Mode” to enable it.

If you use DNS filtering (see Website Blocking Guide), YouTube results will be automatically set to Safety Mode without requiring a special account login.  However, it only works on designated computers.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, people often prefer just using KidzSearch. KidzSearch Video works on any computer without requiring a special account or DNS settings. KidzSearch provides filtered videos from YouTube and other safe video providers. You can start your search from and then select video results, or start from the main video page.

Below is a video explaining YouTube Safety Mode

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