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♪ 19 Idioms From Around The World! | EVERY SINGLE THING

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Channel: Peacock Kids
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"Idioms" are funny phrases we use to describe things. Every language has them, and they can be pretty weird! What's your favorite one to use??

Idioms are phrases that mean more than they sound.
“It’s raining cats and dogs”
does not mean pets are falling to the ground.

Every language has ‘em, and they don’t quite translate.
So here’s a few that you can use to delight and irritate!

When you’re...
“peddling in sauerkraut”
it means you’re hardly movin’ [French]
When you say “stop ironing my head”
you’re annoyed and disapprovin’ [Armenian]
When you say “may your mustache grow
like brushwood” what it means is
‘bless you’ in Mongolia after somebody sneezes!

Idiom! Linguistic hyperbolic trivium!
All of life’s tedium, is broken up by one great idiom.

When the French say “I’ve got a cockroach”
they mean they’ve “got the blues”. [USA]
“Dumplings over flowers” means [Japanese]
‘buy me stuff I use’!
When you “hang noodles on your ears” [Russian]
it means that you’ve been tricked!
“Inflate the cow” is bragging [Chinese]
when the facts all contradict.

If you say “I’ll win the rat race” [USA]
you’re tryin’ hard, not racin’ rats.
And when people take a “cat nap” [England]
they’re not sleeping on their cats!
To “vomit the sound of weakness” [Japanese]
means your complaining has annoyed us.
“You’re a crocodile in a wallet factory” [Puerto Rico]
means you're acting nervous!

Idiom! Linguistic hyperbolic trivium!
Make the world more fun, less yawn, with a perfect idiom.
Go out and use the perfect idiom!

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Sung by: Danny Tieger
Music Written & Produced by: Danny Tieger & Matt Appleton
Directed & Produced by: Matt Levy
Edited & Animated by: Matt Schneck
Executive Producer: Judy Meyers

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