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♪ 26 Insults Shakespeare Invented! | EVERY SINGLE THING

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Shakespeare might seem snooty, but his plays are packed with plenty of insults! Which one's your favorite??

William Shakespeare wrote some plays
in Elizabethan days.
Inventing words was all the craze
like ‘eyeball’, ‘gloomy’, and ‘amazement’.

This song could be his new words!
A list of all 400, that’s absurd!

37 plays to his credit,
all without spellcheck or edit.
No crowdsourcing up on Reddit.
Enter stage, hold skull, he said it!

Many sweet, poetic rhyming turns.
Today we remember Willy Shakes most shady burns.

“Thine face is not worth sunburning”
“You scurvy politician”
“He has not so much brain as ear wax”
“You Lowly Dunghill villain”

Ouchie, ouchie, prithee nay!
You’ll get a third degree from the words he say!

“Pray that you stand farther from me”
“You knotty-pated fooll”
“You mocking uncle”
“King of the urinal” Ooooo!

Ouchie, ouchie, prithee no!
Where’d that loving poet go?

“You viperous worm”
“You slug”
“You dog”
“You toad Spotted traitor”
“You rotting hog”
“Cream-faced loon”
“You pidgeon egg”
“You stewed prune”

“Your lips grow foul”
“Your lips grow tall”
“Go shake your ears”
“You scum”
“You froth”

“You fishmonger”
“You Banbury cheese”
“You ruinous butt”
“I am sick to look on thee!”

Ouchie, ouchie, prithee cease
Need ointment so the burn decrease
Ouchie, ouchie, prithee nay!
Get a third degree from the words he say.

Next time that you require
A touch of literary fire
Look no further than the burner
William Shakespeare will inspire.

→ Credits ←

Sung by: Mollie Ford & Danny Tieger
Music Written & Produced by: Danny Tieger & Matt Appleton
Directed & Produced by: Matt Levy
Edited & Animated by: Matt Schneck
Executive Producer: Judy Meyers

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