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♪ 8 Reasons Why It’s TERRIBLE To Live In Space | EVERY SINGLE THING

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 Astronomy   |   Science
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Living in space might not be quite a cool as it seems! What do you think would be the WORST thing about living in space??

It was one small step to reach moon.
And a giant leap may be coming soon.
So if life in space feels like your style,
I’m gonna put that idea in the ‘bad ones’ pile.

Need a reason? How ‘bout eight.
I’ll set you straight
About how living in space would be, yeah, not great

Problem 1 is the food and the water you need.
There’s no drive-thru, ‘fly thru’? That’d be sweet!
I guess it’s an option to eat the crew
But the issue that it’s only you!
Even if your food was well-supplied
It would probably have to be freeze-dried.

Da da da da da da Yuck.

There’s filth that collects from the human creature
The skin, and the hairs, and the stuff not featured.
Your ship would fill with floating bits of waste
cuz I bet you forgot to bring the vacuum of space.

Let’s talk about the mental toll
Of eternity in a barrel roll
Countless hours of an endless day,
a nightmare prison castaway!
Enough now watch these puppies play.

Science-alert! This reason’s intense
The sun’s radiation without any defense
Would fry you up like a toaster strudel
Which sounds super fun, but would be super brutal.

Speaking of health, think of your bones!
They’d crack apart like last weeks scones
Your muscles are next, they be atrophied
So you’d be a jelly monster when you finally died.

Unless of course there’s a tiny tear
From a leak or you’re hit! and lose the air
If you hold your breath your lungs will pop
While your saliva boils from the pressure drop.
Then you float out there for a million years……

Ooooh, look at this one’s floppy ears
So the next time you look past the clouds
And dream of your life in your rocket house.
Remember the dangers may not be worth
Leaving your 7 billion friends on earth.
Think about what we’ve discussed
In case you get a call from Elon Musk

→ Credits ←

Sung by: Mollie Ford
Music Written & Produced by: Danny Tieger & Matt Appleton
Directed & Produced by: Matt Levy
Edited & Animated by: Matt Schneck
Executive Producer: Judy Meyers

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