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♪ There Are Lots of Dumb Laws! | EVERY SINGLE THING

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Most laws are great, but there are plenty of dumb ones too!! What's the silliest law you've ever heard of??


Laws come in all shapes and sizes
created by humans to keep things chill.
Society can change it’s mind
on what is legal or illegal.

For instance how about this list
of weirdo laws that totes exist?

You cannot have just one guinea pig. (Switzerland)
You cannot take an evening stroll and leave with any seaweed. (New Hampshire)
No holding hands at school. (Tennessee)
No riding bikes in your swimming pool. (Fresno, California)
You cannot have over four and a half pounds of poppy seeds. (Belarus)

You may not wear a hat if you are dancing. (North Dakota)
You cannot use an X-ray to size a person buying shoes. (Washington)
There’s no chewing gum, and if you’re home don't show your bum. (Singapore)
Advertising in a cemetery is against the rules! (Maine)

Laws can be changed!
They’re made by people, that’s called civics.
Laws that cannot change
are made by nature and called physics!

No peeping on moose from an airplane. (Alaska)
Don’t disrupt a wedding or might spend 2 years in jail. (Australia)
No playing piano after night. (Germany)
Wrestling bears is not alright. (Alabama)
Your donkey cannot sleep in your bathtub. Stop asking! (Arizona)

If your cutting someone’s hair you cannot sing or even hum. (Connecticut)
Can’t wear helmet when inside. (Brazil)
Can’t send text from a drive through line. (Canada)
No Ketchup unless it’s on fries. (French Public Schools)
No hands while driving? Penalized!! (Vietnam)

Laws can be changed
and many do with time.
But these all still remain,
which if you ask me... the crime!!

→ Credits ←

Sung by: Danny Tieger
Music Written & Produced by: Danny Tieger & Matt Appleton
Directed & Produced by: Matt Levy
Edited & Animated by: Matt Schneck
Executive Producer: Judy Meyers

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