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25 Cool Riddles With A Twist For A Fun Brain Workout

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Channel: 7-Second Riddles
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Here is a huge portion of cool riddles with a twist for a fun brain workout! These tricky puzzles will work out your brain and help you stay concentrated during the day. They might look too simple at first sight, but some of the answers will surprise you. It's great to start your day with these tricky puzzles, cause as a result you get your logical skills boosted.

00:14 - Which house belongs to aliens? A set of visual mystery puzzles to test your logic and attentiveness!
01:45 - Who is a vampire? A difficult logic riddle that will test your attentiveness and boost your critical thinking!
02:48 - Can you spot the odd one out? A cool portion of visual puzzles to improve your attentiveness and increase your analytical thinking ;)
04:30 - Jane was killed in her own apartment! Detective, you have to investigate the crime scene, talk to the suspects, and find the criminal! Test your critical thinking with this crime riddle!
06:22 - A logic riddle to test your survival skills! Which exit should she choose? Boost your IQ with this brain teaser!
07:45 - This blood-freezing crime will blow your mind and make you think for a while! What happened? Was it suicide?
08:56 - A portion of visual puzzles for the vampire experts! Guess who is a vampire! Share your answer to the last one in the comments!
10:37 - Test your detective skills and boost your logical thinking with this crime puzzle! Who is the smuggler?
12:00 - Who is the vampire hunter? Vampire experts, these visual puzzles are for you! Test your attentiveness and logic with these tricky teasers :)
13:31 - Whose father is the vampire? A short visual quiz to test your attentiveness to the details!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many answers you got right!

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