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If You Can Solve These Short Riddles Then You're Smart Enough For High School

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Channel: 7-Second Riddles
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If you can solve these short riddles then you're smart enough for high school! Test your knowledge and IQ level with these fun puzzles ;) If you feel tired or exhausted try to spend time solving brain games and tests! You will have some fun and work out your brain at the same time ;) Solving riddles is one of the best ways to improve your critical thinking!

00:14 - Mrs. Lee was killed in her own house! The detective interviewed all family members to find the criminal. Who did it?
01:31 - Here is a set of tricky questions that you are to answer before the time is up! Get ready to boost your logic and increase your IQ to a new level ;)
02:39 - Here is a set of visual puzzles to boost your brain power and increase your attentiveness! Share your answers to the last puzzle in the comments :)
03:52 - Mr. Blake was killed in his studio. The detective arrived to interview everyone in his house. Use your detective skills and find the killer!
05:03 - Rosy wants to find her true love. She has found three men on a dating website, but she's not sure if all of them are honest. Help her and find out which profiles are fake!
06:17 - There were several thefts in the supermarket in May. The police arrived and watched the CCTV footage. They identified a suspicious person! Who was it?
07:25 - A tricky puzzle to test your attentiveness to the details and logical skills! This riddle will wake up your brain ;)
08:30 - Which family is fake? Boost your vision and increase your logical skills with these tricky visual puzzles!
09:58 - This logic brain teaser will help you boost your math skills and attentiveness! Can you solve it before the time is up?
12:02 - A tricky riddle for kids and adults that will make you think for a while ;) Try to crack the code and find the right password!
13:18 - Which family is fake? Test your logic and boost your IQ with this tricky brain teaser!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of brain games is your favorite!

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