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10 Animals You Thought Didn't Exist Until Now

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10 Animals You Thought Didn't Exist Until Now

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10 Animals You Didnt Know Existed

The world is already full of spectacular and insane creatures. And with movies constantly redefining what reality could be like, we are forced to imagine if these crazy ideas were real. But what if I told you that in some cases, theyre not too far off? While we know mythical dragons and unicorns dont exi-OK, unicorns are real to some of us. We can agree that dragons are fantasy though. That being said, weve got an unreal list of, in fact, very real animals that you didnt know existed.. Until now. Just wait until number 1, you wont even believe me.

10. Pygmy Jerboa

Being tied for the Worlds Smallest Rodent in the Guinness Book of World Records, the Pygmy Jerboa is unrealistically tiny. This tiny fellas body grows to a maximum length shorter than a human index finger! If that wasnt already a package for complete admiration of its cuteness, this wacky little dudes tail grows to be double the length of the rest of its body! Weighing less than half a cup of table sugar, the Pygmy Jerboa knows how to get around.

Maneuvering its environment by hopping with its long legs, the Pygmy Jerboa burrows in the ground for shelter and producing offspring while foraging above the ground in search of seeds for food.

One would think they could make a great pet much like a gerbil or a hamster, but unfortunately, they are quite rare as pets.

9. Mudskipper

The biggest difference between us and fish is the fact we walk on land, right? Fish dont possess the ability to leave the water and move on a hard surface Unless you're a Mudskipper. Before we discovered this little guy, we had the same idea. Fish are fish. They swim in water and thats about it. But the Mudskipper is having none of that.

As the only fish to walk, mate, and live outside of the water, Mudskippers utilize pouches that function a lot like the way we use scuba gear to breath underwater. Except they hold water so the Mudskipper can breathe above water. This enables them to spend a majority of their time outside of the water.

Much like land creatures, the Mudskipper is territorial over its own section of muddy land. With fins attached to its back, the Mudskipper flares them up in order to defend its own territory that it refuses to share with other mudskippers. Oftentimes, you can find them fighting over their sections. So the next time someone calls you a fish out water, remember, some fish live outside of the water!

8. Colugo

Our next guest closely resembles a lemur, but the Colugo is not a lemur. It is more closely associated with a primate which makes it even more incredibly strange! Because its ability to glide much further distances through the forest sets it far apart from any other gliding mammal.
It's equipped to glide further, faster, and with much more control than a simple flying squirrel.

The Colugos adaptations enable it to glide more than half a football field! Unfortunately, the Colugo is not an adept climber. Lacking opposable thumbs, their tree-climbing ability typically consists of small hops and leaps to the next branch. Considering their habitat consists of the forests in Indonesia and the Philippines, gliding is the difference between life and death for these little guys!

7. Japanese Spider Crab

Crabs are already creepy and the thought of handling one is already pretty chilling. With their 8 long appendages that are capable of regenerating, we wouldnt really want to see them get too large. Unfortunately for us, the Japanese Spider Crab is exactly that fear.

The legs of a Japanese Spider Crab can grow longer than a fully grown human! Thankfully, these creatures exist in deep waters miles off the coast of Japan. Otherwise, a day at the beach might resemble a remake of War of The Worlds! Though, the Japanese Spider Crab is relatively peaceful.

Using camouflage to avoid predators, this bottom dweller uses its rugged appearance to blend in with the rocky sea floor. It also adorns an extremely thick exoskeleton that protects it from octopus.

6. Axolotl

Being fairly soft with slightly transparent skin, the Axolotl is no danger to a human. Theyre gentle creatures that resemble a salamander while breathing and living underwater. With their 3 sets of gills, the Axolotl is in a class of its own.

Also known as the Mexican Walking Fish, the Axolotl is insanely unique. Being capable of walking on land as an amphibian and possessing the ability of regeneration, the Axolotl has much in common with a couple of our other guests on this list. So what about them sets them apart from their counterparts?

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