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10 Fastest Vehicles In The World 2018 | Fastest Train | Fastest Car | FactoFusion

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Be it the fastest car, fastest train or the fastest spacecraft in the world, speed barriers are very tough to cross. That’s the reason, the record for the fastest motorcycle and the fastest helicopter in which people have travelled, still remains unbroken.

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So, this video includes the list of Top 10 Fastest Vehicles In The World. Here’s the featured list:

Fastest Train:
L0 Series SCMaglev
Top speed: 375 mph or 603.5 kmph

Fastest Car:
Official Record Holder: Koenigsegg Agera RS
Top speed: 277.87 mph or 447.19 kmph
Anticipated Record Holder: Bugatti Chiron
Anticipated Top speed: 288 mph or 463.5 kmph

Fastest Helicopter:
Airbus Eurocopter X3
Top speed: 302 mph or 486 kmph

Fastest Snowmobile:
G-Force 1
Top speed: 211.5 mph or 340.4 kmph

Fastest Motorcycle:
TOP 1 Ack Attack
Top speed: 376.36 mph or 605.69 kmph

Fastest Jet Engine Car:
Current Record Holder: Thrust SSC or Thrust supersonic car
Top speed: 763 mph or 1227.9 kmph
Anticipated Record Holder: Bloodhound SSC or Bloodhound supersonic car
Anticipated Top speed: 1000 mph or 1609.3 kmph in year 2020

Fastest Boat:
Spirit of Australia
Top speed: 317.6 mph or 511.1 kmph

Fastest Airplane:
North American X-15 Top speed: 4520 mph or 7274.2 kmph

Fastest Rocket Sled:
Sonic Wind No. 1
Top speed: 632 mph or 1017.1 kmph

Fastest Spacecraft:
Apollo 10
Top speed: 24,791 mph or 39897.2 kmph

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