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10 Magic Escape Stunts and How To Do Them (Part 2)

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Channel: EvanEraTV
Categories: Magic Tricks   |   Just for Fun  
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Escape artist magic tricks you can do! An Underwater chain Escape, learn how to quickly escape from police issue handcuffs, escape from ropes like magic, an amazing card trick escape using duct tape, and how to magically escape padlocks like a real escape artist! You'll be performing escape stunts like Houdini in no time! All magic secrets revealed! Special thanks to my friend Dan Lok and his wife Jennie for jumping in this episode with us :) so much fun! Also, any of the potentially dangerous stunts in the video were performed by or under the supervision of professionals, please do not attempt them.

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10 Magic Escape Stunts and How To Do Them (Part 1)

Supplies You'll Need:
Handcuffs Keys Magic Thumb Tip Rope Bungee Cord Scissors Chains Scarf or Sheet Playing Cards Duct Tape Magnets Hot Glue Wooden Dowel Rods Cardboard Box

Magic Escape Tricks Revealed in this Video:
Escape Artist Rope Escape Challenge
Pointy Wooden Sticks Thru Box Trick
Underwater Chain Escape Pool Trick
How To Open Any Combination Lock
Magic Stretch Rope Escape Trick
Magic Duct Tape Card Trick by Evan Era
UTV Rope Escape Stunt Revealed
Dan Lok Magic Rope Escape Trick
How To Get Out of Handcuffs Trick

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