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10 McDonald's Desserts That You Would Travel For

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Here's a list of 10 McDonalds Desserts That You Would Travel For. McDonald's has a great dessert menu worldwide, These are 10 McDonald's desserts America wished they had!
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When you think about McDonald's desserts, you typically think about a McFlurry or some kind of pie. However, outside North America, the golden arches hold a world of desserts waiting to be tasted. So, if a plane ticket isn't in your budget right now, we'll take you on a tour of the most intriguing desserts from McDonald's around the world. So buckle your virtual seatbelt and check out 10 McDonald’s desserts you would travel for. 

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0:31 Ukraine: Ginger Plum Pie
1:24 Italy and Brazil: Nutella Pastries and Baked Goods
3:12 Singapore: D24 Durian McFlurry
4:48 Hong Kong: Purple Sweet Potato Soft Serve Ice Cream in an Oreo Cone 
6:10 France: Macarons
7:36 Australia and New Zealand: Bubblegum Squash McFlurry
8:57 Peru: Chicha Purple Temptation
10:22 China: Deep Fried Taro Pie
11:52 Japan: McChoco Potato (Chocolate Covered Fries) 
13:38 Indonesia: Coconut Charcoal McFlurry

- One of the signature dessert items on the McDonald's menu that has never failed is the pies. In the U.S., McDonald's apple pies are pretty much a staple. The company has tested out a few different pie flavors over the years.
- It's no secret to anyone that has been to Italy, and other European countries, that these people love their Nutella. You can find it at any gelato stand, in bakeries, and in plenty of other places. No matter where you are in Italy, chances are you'll be able to find something with Nutella just a few steps away.
- Durian is known as the "King of Fruits." But for many, it's the stinky fruit. Known for its pungent, potent odor, durian is a popular but divisive fruit in Southeast Asia.
- This delicious dessert option is almost too beautiful to eat. Pale, lilac colored purple ice cream sits swirled on top of a black Oreo waffle cone. It's a purple and black picture that Ursula would be proud of. And McDonald's customers in Hong Kong are gobbling it up.
- Thanks to Pulp Fiction, we know that we can order a Royale with Cheese at McDonald's in France. But France McDonald's has other twists that we don't have in North America. There, you can order a signature French treat right alongside your burger: macarons.
- On the outside, this creation looks like something that came straight out of unicorn and candy land and sounds like some kind of new wave trendy vegetable. Don't be fooled – it's not actually squash. The term "squash" seems to be referring to the marshmallows.
- This blue dessert is made from blue corn, which is how it gets its color. But nothing about the appearance of this dish at McDonald's in Peru makes it obvious that blue corn is involved.
- For those who aren't that familiar with taro, it's essentially a tropical root plant that has a sweet, nutty taste. It only grows in the Pacific Islands, so it's not too common to see it in North America.
- McDonald's in Japan really takes the dessert game up a notch by actually blending it with meal options. That's how we get the chocolate covered french fries. The McChoco Potato was introduced to the Japanese McDonald's menu in 2016 after a few years of taking some hits to their reputation.
- Charcoal has become a trendy food item in the last few years. Not the kind that you put on your barbecue, but a kind that's made from heating certain materials to very high temperatures to "activate" it.

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