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10 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World

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10 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World

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10 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World
Snakes have always gotten bad reputation as vicious, scaly, ugly creatures with the potential to do you
harm, that is despite the fact that only a minority of snakes are deadly. The fact is, some snakes can
actually be stunningly beautiful, the snake in number one so watch out for that. Here are 10 of the most
beautiful snakes in the world.

Number 10. The Red Milk Snake
Red Milk Snakes can be found from the southern parts of Canada down to parts of Ecuador and
Venezuela. These guys have a striking pattern or red, black and red. They are non-venomous but due to
their stunning markings, which is very similar to the highly venomous coral snake, people and other
animals for that matter, stay clear away from them.
They are a species of kingsnake and belong to the genus Lampropeltis. In Greek, this means "shiny
shields". The name is appropriate for the genus, which is known for its well-defined, glossy scales.
They can reach a maximum length of almost five feet, but most are smaller, sometimes reaching only
about 20 inches as an adult. Their diet is mostly made up of rodents, but they are opportunistic eaters
and will consume other snakes, fish, reptiles, birds and bird eggs, and more. They got their name from
an urban myth that they would suck milk from a cow's udder that likely developed due to their
abundance in barns where a bounty of rodents were available for feeding.

Number 9. The High Yellow Green Tree Python
The green tree python is one of the most fascinating and colorful snakes in the world today. This small
to medium-sized arboreal species is indigenous to New Guinea and some of the surrounding islands, as
well as the Cape York Peninsula of northern Australia.
This slender snake often appears smaller than it actually is, due to its habit of perching on a branch in a
compact, inner-looped posture. It is nonvenomous and eats small mammals and sometimes reptiles.
They hunt by hanging from branches and striking from an S shape, then constricting the prey. Adults
average 4 to 5 feet in length, but can exceed 6 feet. Highly nocturnal, green tree pythons seldom move
during daylight hours, and combined with its beautiful colors, this makes this python a less-threatening
snake to encounter for people who are unaccustomed to captive snakes.
They come in a variety of colors and patterns, but arguably the most beautiful would be the high yellow
green tree python. This variety is found mainly on the island of Kofiau in West Papua, Indonesia.

Number 8. The Emerald Tree Boa
The Emerald tree boa is a non-venomous snake that can be found in Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia,
in Guyana, Suriname, and in northwestern Brazil. It is considered by many one of the most exuberant
and beautiful snakes in the world. They live in tropical rain forests and wetlands.

The scientific name of the second emerald tree boa is corallus caninus. Corallus comes from its skin,
and caninus means like a dog.

Why are dogs involved? When the famous zoologist Carlos Linnaeus discovered the emerald tree boa in
1758, he decided that its wide-set head and snout resembled mans best friend. It also had long, pointed
teeth that were much bigger than other snakes, and those reminded him of a dogs canines.
They can grow to around 79 inches long, dorsal skin is emerald green in color with a white triangular
patch pattern of regular distribution. In the ventral region, the skin is yellowish or whitish. The juvenile
snakes have some varying color but are usually red-brown, orange or yellow, only gaining the
characteristic and beautiful emerald green adult coloration at about 4 to 6 months of age. They also
have stunning vertical pupils like those of cats.

Number 7. The Topaz Tanami Woma Python
The Topaz Tanami Woma Python is a naturally colorful snake. Theres no doubt that it looks absolutely
amazing, but at the same time, it also looks kind of weird. For one, it really picked an odd color
combination; red, off white, and brown.
Sporting a reddish head, an off-white body peppered with chocolate brown stripes, its look is very
unique and quite unmistakable. Growing at about 3 and a half feet long, its not a very large python. And
because of their size and coloration, they are often sought after as pets.
This python species is generally found in Tanami desert region of Australia's Northern Territory. It has
been known to lay anywhere in between 5 to 20 eggs in a breeding season. And although they look
venomous, because of their colors, they actually arent and pose no danger to humans. They prefer to
eat any kind of small mammals and some reptiles like lizards.

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