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10 Super Useful Life Secrets You NEED To Know

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Channel: Nick Uhas
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I’ve learned some cool things in my 32 years on this planet, some of weird, some of it strange, most of it totally out there… but a lot of it is really useful! Today I wanted to share with you 10 everyday useful secrets that blew my mind when I learned them. Let me know which ones blew your mind or that you already knew but still use today!

1) The T-Rex on Google Chrome when the internet is out is a video game!
2) Every car shows you what side the gas cap is on with an arrow
3) Aluminum foil has notches to prevent the roller from going ape
4) You only need a spray bottle and water to dewrinkle clothes
5) The date of the milk container is when it should be sold by, not drank by… get to work my cereal fanatics!
6) Every grocery store has a price per unit measurement on the price tag
7) You can make coffee with a paper towel, it works
8) best remedy for garlic breath is:
Number 1) Eat and apple. Not just because this would also be good for you but also because apples left in the open air oxidize, or turn brown. And fruits that oxidize contain enzymes that deodorizes sulfides found in garlic.
Number 2) Drink some green tea! Green tea contains a chemical called polyphenols which work very similar to the oxidizing enzyme to neutralize all four of the smelly sulfide components of garlic.
Number 3) take a tequila shot, hold the tequila. A lime slice, or any acidic beverage with Ph lower than 3.6 can destroy an enzyme called allinase. When this enzyme is mixed with garlic it enhances the sulfuric stench…so lemon lime it up and get rid of allinase!

9) best remedies for spicy food
1) Drinking a glass of milk
This particular remedy goes back 8,000 years ago when Central and South Americans began adding spicy chilis to their food…a time tested and approved remedy...and here’s how it works. According to American Chemical Society, casein the protein found in milk helps breaks the bond that capsaicin forms on VR1 receptor… no bond, no spicy sensation! And to get the same effect you could also use yogurt, sour cream or any dairy product with casein in it
2) Milk Chocolate
Milk chocolate will help dampen the fire in your mouth because it possesses a high fat content. In chemistry like dissolves in like as in oil dissolved in oil, water in water so in this case since the capsaicin oil is soluble in a fat based solution found in milk chocolate … plus this is an excuse to eat chocolate! And if chocolate isn’t your thing you could also use peanut butter, olive oil and avocados for the same reason.
3) Teaspoon of sugar
The way this works is the sugar granules absorb the spicy capsaicin oil providing a brief sweet relief. Other good alternatives for this mechanism are honey, maple syrup, bananas or any other high sugar concentrated fruit.
4) A slice of Bread
Bread is one of the more powerful absorbent foods and will soak up the capsaicin oil very quickly. For this same absorbent quality you could also use Tea bags, rice, and any carbohydrate like tortilla chips or pasta.

10) to unselect a floor on an elevator press the floor twice or three times (at gym) … because aint nobody got time for that

11) bonus round
To properly save room for recycling a plastic bottle, crush it like an accordion and let the vacuum hold the crushed bottle in place

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