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Today, we have a very interesting topic. First of all, let me ask you one thing. Do you want to be a clothes designer? Designing clothes is a cool way of expressing one's creativity. Even if you don't dream of making it your future profession, it's always nice to do something with your own hands: it's cheap, it looks beautiful, and it can be a cool present for your friends or family, which is especially important before Christmas.

I bet that everyone has a pair of old jeans at home. Even you! Go check out your closet and grab one old pair. Let's make a cool DIY tote bag. It's as easy as 1-2-3! 1 – cut the jeans as it is shown in the video. 2 – ask your parents to help you with the sewing machine. 3 – attach the handles! Well, you can also add some decorative elements. Check out those cute flowers that we made. Voila! A cool bag is ready to use.

You can use jeans for making a no-sew craft – a cool jeans backpack! An old polo T-shirt can also pecome a cute backpack shall you add a couple of strings to make straps.

You can turn a plain tote into a designer piece by using a couple of stamps and acrylic paint. Stamps can be made out of anything – for example, paper rolls or even apples! Create your own print and wear it with pride.

You can make a cool and comfy shopping bag out of an old T-shirt. There are several ways of doing it – choose your favorite and let's go shopping! You can make your own unique design – check out our adorable monkey postman.

A bright and big beach bag can be made out of a pillowcase, T-shirt, towel, or even a shower mat. You can also use it as a small rug to sit on while you're outdoors. You can also make a bag in the shape of a fish. It looks so funny! With this bag, you can't remain unnoticed! You can also use it at home, for example, for storing clothes or laundry.

A bamboo table mat can turn into a sweet and stylish clutch. Eco-design is always the most fashionable trend! You can make a sweet bag out of an old sweater. All you need to do is to cut it right and attach the handles.

Check out more cool DIY bags ideas for kids in this tutorial video and let me know in the comments, which one you liked most of all.


00:59 – Jeans flowers
02:29 – Polo bag
04:47 – A sweater bag
08:12 – A stylish purse


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