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7 Impossible Magic Body Pranks

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Ever wonder how magic tricks work? All magic prank secrets revealed in this body pranks video of How To Magic! Magic pranks, challenges and illusions you can do with your body to freak out your friends and family! Learn how to do magic pranks like cutting your arm in half, a crazy card trick to look like a playing card is through your face, how to make your eyes change color and more! With these amazing tricks and tips you'll impress everyone with your new magic skills! The secrets are simple yet extremely clever; each magic body prank in the video includes a full tutorial with step by step instructions for each trick! All magic secrets revealed! Learn how to make yourself float and levitate in the air, the secret of the magic hand in the box prank, an amazing water prank, and much more!

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Supplies You'll Need:
Playing Cards Rubber Cement Scissors iPhone or other Smartphone Video Editing Software Photo Editing Software Computer Eyes Internet Cardboard Box Box Cutter Wood Dowel Rods Tape Shoes Curtain or Sheet Water Magic Fake Thumb Tip Magic Box

10 Impossible Magic Body Pranks

Magic Body Tricks Revealed in this Video:
Cut in Half Arm Magic Box Illusion Revealed
Magic Hand in Cardboard Box Prank
How To Change Your Eye Color Body Trick by Evan Era
Magic Disappearing Water to Mouth Prank
Funny Playing Card Thru Cheek Prank
How To Make Yourself Levitate Magic Trick Prank

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