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7 Mind Blowing Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do

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Channel: EvanEraTV
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Learn how magic tricks work! Educate yourself on the fascinating secrets of magicians and perform tricks like the pros! With these amazing tricks and tips you'll be wowing audiences in no time! The secrets are simple yet extremely clever; impress your friends with these mind blowing illusions that anyone can do! Each magic trick in the video includes a full tutorial with step by step instructions for each trick! All magic secrets revealed! Learn how to make a soda can magically defy gravity with nothing more than your hand! Learn how to make a toy squirrel come to life, the secret of visually changing a soda can into a bottle of water, and an easy DIY magic trick with string! Ava performs a fantastic rendition of the Magic Flower Wand at her school talent show! And I got invited to a local elementary school (Bloom Elementary in Louisville, Kentucky USA) to make an appearance at their annual science fair! Super fun! And Pokemon Detective Pikachu even stopped by to help me with a trick! All this and more in this week's episode of How To Magic with Evan Era!

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Supplies You'll Need:
Liquid Nitrogen Balloons Helium Red Bull Can String Flash Cord Handi Squirrel Real Squirrel Paper Pen Magic Top Hat Magic Wand Soda Can Water Bottle Magic Flower Wand

Magic Tricks Revealed in this Video:
Floating Can Red Bull Bar Magic Trick
Prediction in Pocket Pokemon Detective Pikachu Trick
Handi Squirrel Toy to Real Squirrel Magic Trick
How To Change Soda Can to Water Bottle Illusion
Magic Fire Fuse String Trick Revealed
Liquid Nitrogen Helium Balloon Magic Trick
Best Talent Show Magic Trick Flower Wand


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