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AHHHHHHH!! How Blood-Curdling Screams Affect Your Brain

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Channel: Seeker
Categories: Biology   |   Society / Culture   |   Psychology   |   Science   |   Social Science  
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Hearing someone scream immediately sends your body into a cascade of defense responses, but why? What's happening in the brain?

The Science Behind Our Fear Of Clowns -

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How a Human Scream Uniquely Activates the Fear Response in Your Brain
"We know human screams are jarring. They're loud, occasionally shrill, and tend to make us feel stressed, or even fearful. What's unclear is why they elicit anxiety. But a new study suggests this response may have something to do with the acoustic quality of human screams, and how they trigger the brain's fear response."

Scream Research Could Lead to Scarier Alarms
"The sound of a person screaming is so powerful that it instantly activates the brain's fear circuitry, new research documenting the "acoustic signature of screams" finds. Different types of screaming - including wails from distressed babies - all have a property called roughness, which refers to how fast a sound's volume changes."

Weird Fears: Things That Don't Go Bump in the Night
"Everyone is afraid of something, and many of us share the same fears. Some people are afraid of heights; others might fear certain animals, like dogs, snakes or spiders. Many people are afraid of death, and even more are terrified of public speaking. But there are some phobias that may at first glance seem odd or even ridiculous."


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This episode of Seeker was written and hosted by Trace Dominguez

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