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AI Learns Real-Time 3D Face Reconstruction | Two Minute Papers #245

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Channel: Two Minute Papers
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The paper "Joint 3D Face Reconstruction and Dense Alignment with Position Map Regression Network" and its source code is available here:

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A few comments with some of the best applications:
Lowell Camp - "This technology could be used for consumer-budget markerless facial motion capture, and if a follow-up paper enhances it with audio analysis for tongue posing, then it would require very little touch-up beyond a little temporal filtering."
Milleoiseau - "VOIP in game but with face tracking."
Evan - "Could this be used for some kind of automatic lip-reading system for deaf viewers to view live events?"
Matan - "Monitor emotions for product improvement."
Idjles Erle - "Reconstructing ancestors faces from photos that are 150 years old. Working out from old photos who is more likely rested to whom."
Morph Verse - "Maybe create a toolsets for artists to support easy correct anatomy tools in characters with facial and body features, for faster workflow in apps like Blender or 3ds."
Bernard van Tonder - "Encourage others to watch educational content:
Let celebrities/sport idols teach important subjects by mapping their faces and voices onto people's faces in educational videos."
Adam de Anda - "Online shopping could get much more personalized. Send a selfie and be able to see sunglasses, hats, jewelry etc on your own face and able to rotate the image. Damn this actually pretty solid"

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