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Amazing hobbyist robot that can do everything

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Channel: KIKAItachi
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naminukas started as a pneumatic walking and driving #robot. It uses vacuum suction cups for walking not only on the ground but also on walls and even ceiling. Vacuum suction cups can be tilted and used as wheels. This allows the robot to transform from walking to balancing on two wheels, like a Segway. Each robot foot has two degrees of freedom. This effectively makes the robot a 4 DOF pick and place arm. An arm which can pick itself and other objects. Robot can use its feet to pick and use tools. Robot can even carry objects on its feet while driving. Over time robot learned lots of new ways of locomotion. For example crawling like a worm with periodic feet movement, driving while hanging upside down on a tree branch, half driving and half walking for increased stability. All these new behaviours were added to the robot without adding any new motors or other actuators. Therefore I believe this robot squeezes out the most utility per servo motor than any other robot.

Recently naminukas was nominated as a finalist in Supplyframe DesignLab: 2020 #HackadayPrize competition.

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