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Animaniacs Theme sight-read by Tom Brier, piano

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I suddenly realized before leaving my house on Saturday that Tom probably would have a blast playing the Animaniacs theme which I transcribed back in 1995 and finally created a score for earlier this year.

So I put the sheet music in front of him that night, and this was his first read through it. Indeed he did have fun with it! He even said there's a lot of potential for ragging it up, so he might work on it some more...

Don't know about you, but it sure made my day, year, decade... Two of my favorite things -- Tom's piano playing and Animaniacs -- all together!

The "cheating" and "three hands" remarks are a reference to the fact that I put the flute/xylophone runs in the score as optional cue notes, which cannot be played by a single pianist without losing some of the melody. They're important parts of the tune, though, so I put them in there for the sake of multiple musicians or instruments who might want to play it.

You can download my transcription that he is reading here:
or here:

This was at the Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium in Sutter Creek, California.

Sorry that the image is so dark. I was at the Lyon County Fly-In in Silver Springs, Nevada, earlier that day, and I had switched the camera to its automatic shutter speed setting which is ideal for outdoor use. I forgot to set it back to manual mode for indoor use (the camera's automatic mode always uses too fast of a shutter speed when indoors, resulting in a darker, grainier picture).

If you haven't figured it out by now, this is the theme to the Warner Bros./Amblin cartoon series "Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs" which ran from 1993-1999 on the Fox and WB television networks. The music was composed by the late Richard Stone. (Yes, I know I misspelled the title in the Tags; I did it for those people who search for it but don't know how to spell it!)

For the lyrics, see my Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File page:

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