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Animatronic Wheatley Robot v2.0

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Edit: Please note that I am not making or selling any animatronic puppets, and Animatronic Wheatley is not for sale. Doing so would infringe on Valve’s copyright(s) and intellectual property and would be too costly for most people's budget. However, I am willing to correspond with you about the build and offer advice for building your own Wheatley! Visit my website if you're interested.

After 2 years worth of free time and a lot of effort, Animatronic Wheatley v2.0 is completely finished! It's been awesome to see everyone's response to Wheatley and to experience the help and support I've received from those in the Maker Community. Thanks to everyone for your support! I hope you enjoy Wheatley as much as I have!

For the most recent Wheatley antics, go to

For an overview of the project, go to

For the entire Work Log, go to

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