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Arabidopsis time-lapse

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Arabidopsis thaliana or thale cress is a common weed which prefers to grow on sandy soil and occurrs all over the world. Because of its small rosette size and plain appearance the plant is often overlooked. However, its small size made it very convenient for laboratory experiments. Therefore Arabidopsis became the first and very important model organism to study all aspects of plant biology. It's one of the model organisms used in science for studying plant biology. Arabidopsis was also the first plant for which the full genome was fully sequenced and is now one of the best studied plants in the world.

The seed of Arabidopsis is less than 1 mm in size and the seedling only reaches a height of a few millimeters before it falls over to form the flat rosette. This movie shows the development both below and above ground. Note how the roots grow through the soil and and deal with local obstruction by a small pebbles. We can follow the plant's life cycle from germination, seedling growth, forming of rosettes, root growth, appearance of root hairs and side roots. and near the end the movement of the stems that are formed upon flowering.

In the first clip 4 seconds is one day. The later footage is faster, 2 seconds is one day.

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