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Are Man-Made Diamonds Really Diamonds?

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Natural diamonds take a long time to form and can be dangerous to harvest, but how hard is it to make some in a lab?

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How Are Diamonds Made?
"The other diamond-producing method - called chemical vapor deposition - turns its back on intense pressure but cranks out diamonds more flawless than nature can produce. Manufacturers place a piece of diamond into a depressurizing chamber, then zap natural gas with a microwave beam."

Diamonds Unearthed
"The diamonds that we see at the surface are ones then that are brought to the surface by a very deep-seated volcanic eruption. It's a very special kind of eruption, thought to be quite violent, that occurred a long time ago in the Earth's history. We haven't seen such eruptions in recent times."

How Does An Asteroid Impact Make Diamonds?
"The impact at Popigai created a mixture of traditional, gem-quality cubic diamonds and "lonsdaleite," tiny yellow-brown crystals with atoms arranged in hexagons. They have the density, hardness, and brightness of the diamonds we know but not much else."

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Written by: Amy Shira Teitel

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