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Are We The Only Species That Votes?

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Democracy has given members of a community a voice in decision making. Is this strictly a 'human thing' or do other animals vote too?

Why Voters Choose Authoritarian Leaders -
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How Democracy Works In Nature
Animals regularly make group decisions that directly affect their everyday lives. But without the convenience of machines or ballots, how do they vote?
How Other Animals Choose Their Leaders
"It is hard to escape the sensation that our electoral process is broken. Too much money. Too much bullshit. Perhaps we should turn to nature for insight, remedy, or just salve. The Book of Proverbs implored believers to go to the ant and consider her ways when it came to wisdom and industriousness. Can we also turn to the ant for lessons on democracy?"

In Animal Kingdom, Voting Of A Different Sort Reigns
"Voters could learn some things about choosing a leader from a fish. Or a chimp. Or an elephant.
That's because the animal kingdom, despite its name, tends to operate more like a democracy, says Iain Couzin, an evolutionary biologist at Princeton University."


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