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Baby Oscillating Flasher - Origami

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Channel: JeremyShaferOrigami
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[Rather Simple] In this tutorial I show how to fold the Baby Easy Oscillating Flasher which isn't published in any of my books though it's a variation of the Oscillating Flasher from Origami Ooh La La on page 212. I'm not sure, but GreenArt4 might have discovered this model before me; here's his video from 2013 but I discovered oscillating flashers in 2001 and possibly this version too, but I don't remember.

You guys have spoken loud and clear: You want more flashers! This video encompasses four never-before-seen(-at-least-by-me) flashers spanning rather simple to pretty darn difficult!
Besides the Baby Oscillating Flasher I also demo the full-size Easy Oscillating Flasher (15 X 15 grid) as well as my new Baby Easy Oscillating Flasher Tessellation and full-size Oscillating Turbo Flasher.

Here is the free download for the Baby (7 X 7 grid) Oscillating Flasher print-and-fold pattern.

Here is the free download for the Full Sized (15 X 15 grid) Oscillating Flasher print-and-fold template:
(Note this pattern turns the opposite direction from the model and pattern shown in the video because I want you to be able to fold the 15 X 15 Osc. Flasher following the same precreasing steps as in shown in this 7 X 7 Baby Osc. Flasher tutorial.)

Here is the link for where you can purchase the Oscillating Flasher Tessellation pattern to print and fold ($1):
Or the print-out is free if you join as a member:
Membership is $5/month

I have yet to draw the pattern for the full-size Oscillating Turbo Flasher which I demoed, but I think I kind of described how to make it, so hopefully you can figure it out especially if you've folded the Turbo Flasher on page 208 of Origami Ooh La La!

Good luck!... I mean, "Good skill!"


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