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Best Colorblind Tests And Crime Riddles With Answers!

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Force your brain to work with these crime riddles and colorblind test with answers! Try to give the right answers to these riddles for kids and adults as fast as possible. If you can't concentrate and feel exhausted all the time try to solve tricky riddles at least for 20 minutes a day and after a few weeks you will notice changes in your critical thinking and logical skills!

00:14 - A brain-boosting riddle to test your logic and increase your IQ! Which item should he choose to stay afloat?
01:31 - Which hotel should he go into? This crime riddle will blow your mind and make you think hard! Get ready to boost your logic!
03:01 - Can you pass this colorblind test? Boost your attentiveness and train your eyes with this tricky visual quiz ;)
04:53 - Which ex-girlfriend killed him? A mind-blowing crime riddle that will wake up your inner Detective!
06:15 - A blood-freezing crime riddle that will blow your mind! Who killed the twins? Solve this case and find the killer!
07:10 - Someone killed a famous singer! Detective Gonzalez needs your help to solve this criminal case! Turn your logic on and use your critical thinking to solve this crime riddle!
09:16 - If you have that perfect vision all dream about, then you will pass this vision test without any difficulties! If you struggle...well, nobody is perfect and welcome to the club :) Or maybe you are just a bit tired and tomorrow you'll crack these picture riddles in seconds!
11:11 - A woman's body was found in the changing room! There were 3 customers in the shop. Who is the killer? Boost your logic and detective skills with this crime riddle!
11:59 - Improve your logical thinking with this short brainy puzzle! Guess which granny is a killer!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many answers you got right!

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