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Boyfriend DRAMA At The Football Game!

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By Laurin | Subscribe: | Comment, like, share this story. Stand up against people who judge others and use your voice!

One day, out of the blue, Laurin's friend told her that she should date this guy at their school. Laurin barely knew the guy, but since she was desperate for a relationship, she decided to go for it. She didn't even really think he was cute, but since he was apparently really into her, she agreed to dating him. She really wanted a boyfriend, so it seemed like a great idea.

At first, everything was going really well. They hung out with another couple at their friend's house, and they had so much fun together. It was basically their first date. They were watching the horror movie IT and getting to know each other more. It was kind of awkward, at times - especially when they tried to share a blanket - but it was still a great start to their relationship.

After that, Laurin and her new boyfriend were at a football game with all of their friends. As they sat on the bleachers, they were barely talking to each other. All of Laurin's friends were asking her about her boyfriend, and all of Laurin's boyfriend's friends were asking about Laurin. Everyone was crowded around them, and it was definitely slightly awkward. So, Laurin and her boyfriend decided to get some time alone and sit by themselves as they watched the game.

As they sat alone away from the bleachers, they still didn't find much to talk about. It was pretty awkward, so Laurin decided to make a bold move - a move she now regrets! She leaned over, looked her boyfriend in the eyes and asked him if he wanted to kiss. Right away, her boyfriend started sweating and didn't know what to say. Laurin was instantly mortified! After a long, awkward silence, Laurin's boyfriend responded by saying that he didn't really know her that well, so he didn't think that kissing made sense. Then, in that moment, Laurin was SO upset! If he didn't really know her, why would he ask her to be his girlfriend? None of it made any sense to her!

Feeling rejected, embarrassed and upset, Laurin decided to walk away. She was so excited to have her first real kiss, and she couldn't believe the boyfriend drama she experienced at the football game. Later on, her boyfriend came up to her and explained that he just wanted to get to know her better before they took the next step, and Laurin's friends comforted her.

Since then, Laurin feels so embarrassed when she thinks about her awkward moment at the football game. She broke up with her boyfriend after that, and she hopes that she'll never have to experience anything like it again!

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