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Calculating π by hand: the Chudnovsky algorithm

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For Pi Day 2018 I calculated π by hand using the Chudnovsky algorithm.

k = 0
42698672/13591409 = 3.141592|751...

k = 0 and k = 1
42698670.666333435968/13591408.9999997446 = 3.14159265358979|619...

Watch me do the second term working out on my second channel:

See me do the entire final calculation again (without a mistake) on Patreon:

Proof that I did actually do it properly:

This was my attempt two years ago. Look at how much hair I had!

The Chudnovsky Brothers used their algorithm to be the champion pi calculators of the early 1990s: going from half a billion to four billion digits of pi.

This video was filmed at Queen Mary University of London.

- None yet. Let me know if you spot anything!

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