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Can Hawking’s Black Hole Paradox Be Solved With Fuzzballs?

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Channel: Seeker
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Our current ideas about black holes present some interesting paradoxes. Could this unusual black hole model solve them?

Why Don’t We Have a Photo of a Black Hole Yet? -

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The Fuzzball Fix for a Black Hole Paradox
“String theory is a leading contender, presenting yet another potential picture: Black holes may be reimagined as “fuzzballs,” with no singularity and no event horizon.”

What is the black hole information paradox?
“When physicists talk information, they're on about the specific state of every single particle in the universe: mass, position, spin, temperature, you name it. The fingerprint that uniquely identifies each one, and the probabilities for what they're going to do in the universe. You can change atoms, crush them together, but the quantum wave function that describes them must always be preserved.“

Are Singularities Real?
“It’s hard to imagine infinity: something that is, by definition, larger than everything you can imagine. Physicists have to deal with the unimaginable every day, and have the tools to do so. But does their math describe reality?”

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