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Can Low Frequency Sound Waves Make You Sick?

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Loud noises can give you a headache, but scientists think it’s the sounds we can’t even hear that are making us sick. What’s infrasound?

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Noise pollution: non-auditory effects on health
“Noise is a prominent feature of the environment including noise from transport, industry and neighbours. Exposure to transport noise disturbs sleep in the laboratory, but not generally in field studies where adaptation occurs.”

Noise exposure as a factor in the increase of blood pressure of workers in a sack manufacturing industry
“Workers in manufacturing industries are exposed to noise generated by the manufacturing processes that results in auditory and non-auditory effects on them. This study assessed the relationship between exposure to noise and blood pressures.”

Sick Building Syndrome: Acoustic Aspects
“Low-frequency noise, centred around a frequency of about 7 Hz, was found to occur in several office rooms investigated. Symptoms resulting from exposure to infrasound can include fatigue, headache, nausea, concentration difficul ties, disorientation, seasickness, digestive disorders, cough, vision problems and dizziness.”

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