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Can One Mathematical Model Explain All Patterns In Nature?


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Categories: Biology   |   Environmental   |   Math   |   Science  
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All patterns in nature might be describable using this mathematical theory. How did Alan Turing influence how we see the natural world?

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Alan Turing's Patterns In Nature, And Beyond
"Once one starts to look, there seems to be no end to Turing patterns: their forms can be seen in weather systems, the distribution of vegetation across landscapes and even the constellations of galaxies."

How The Zebra Got Its Stripes, With Alan Turing
"In 1952 a mathematician published a set of equations that tried to explain the patterns we see in nature, from the dappled stripes adorning the back of a zebra to the whorled leaves on a plant stem, or even the complex tucking and folding that turns a ball of cells into an organism. His name was Alan Turing."

How Alan Turing Cracked The Enigma Code
"Turing's work during the Second World War was so crucial that Winston Churchill acknowledged his role, saying that Turing made the single biggest contribution to Allied victory. Who was Turing and what did he do that was so important?"

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