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Can Science Determine When Jesus Was Actually Born?

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Channel: Seeker
Categories: Archeology / Paleontology   |   Society / Culture   |   Philosophy   |   Science   |   Social Science   |   Technology  
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What was the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ and was it really shining on Jesus’ birthday? Astronomers offer some theories.

What Did Jesus Really Look Like? -
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What We Know About When Jesus Was Actually Born
“The birth of Jesus Christ is pretty much the most basic element of the Christmas story. From common carols to the imagery of the nativity scene, the idea that Christmas is his birthday is everywhere.”

Was the Christmas Star real?
“That is the picture most of us have of the Christmas Star, but it’s an image derived more from imagination and greeting cards than from the Bible. In fact, the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament is the only place this “star” is mentioned in the Bible (Matt 2:2, 7-10, King James Version).”

Was the Star of Bethlehem a Star, Comet ... or Miracle?
“But there are many other contributing factors to this age-old story, including the uncertainty in the actual date of Christ's birth and the terminology used to describe celestial events during the Star's appearance some 20 centuries ago. For instance, any heavenly object bright enough to attract attention was apt to be called a ‘star.’”

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