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Can Shoes Make You Jump Higher & Run Faster? | What The FAQs | NowThis

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Can Nike's Vaporfly shoes really make you run 4% faster? We're breaking down how sneakers are designed and whether or not they can actually improve an athlete's performance.
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Can shoes make you jump higher? Do running shoes really make a difference? Does wearing specific types of sneakers make athletes better?

Whether you're a Nike stan who only wears Air Jordans, an Adidas fan, or you're into those Reebok Pumps, sneakers and athletic footwear aren't just designed to be atheistically pleasing, they're designed with a performance purpose in mind. But can they really make you run faster or jump higher?

In this episode of What the FAQs, Andy breaks down the history of running shoes, chats with experts to find out how and why shoes are designed the way they are, and he visits New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Clinic to run some tests and ultimately figure out if shoes really influence an athletes' performance.

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