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Can The Lifestraw Make Ocean Water Drinkable? #Lifestraw

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CAN YOU ACTUALLY DRINK WATER FROM THE OCEAN? I bought the lifestraw because I wanted to test and see if we can use the power of science to make ocean water water drinkable. I used the life straw and put dirty muddy water in it to see if I can get clear safe drinkable water from it. If the life straw can make the ocean drinkable it would be an amazing survival straw. The lifstraw is great for camping backpacking and overal water filtering, but can it filter the ocean? I then tested Pepsi soda, coconut water, beer and mouthwash with the life straw to see if I can get the drinkable water from it! I then cracked open the lifestraw to see how the lifestraw filters the bad dirt and bacteria from the water. I opened it up and we were able to see exactly how the lifestraw filters the water! But CAN we make the ocean drinkable?!?!? Watch and find out! Let me know if there's any other liquid you want me to try with the lifestraw!! THANKS AND STAY INCREDIBLE!!!

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