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Can We Mathematically Prove Aliens Exist?

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Categories: Astronomy   |   Math   |   Science  
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What is our probability of finding aliens and how close are we to encountering them?? The answer lies somewhere in these 2 equations.

Could Life On Earth Have Come From A Comet? -
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The Drake Equation
"How can we estimate the number of technological civilizations that might exist among the stars? While working as a radio astronomer at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia, Dr. Frank Drake conceived an approach to bound the terms involved in estimating the number of technological civilizations that may exist in our galaxy."

New Equation Tallies Odds Of Life Beginning
"When life originates on a planet, whether Earth or a distant world, the newborn life-forms may have to overcome incredible odds to come into existence - and a new equation lays out exactly how overwhelming those odds may be."

Father of SETI Honored 50 Years After First Search For Alien Life
"Fifty years ago, humanity conducted the first scientific experiment to search for evidence of alien life in the universe .
Astronomer Frank Drake, the man behind that project, received top honors at a banquet gala Saturday at the SETIcon convention here about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. It is not only the 50th anniversary of that first experiment, called Project Ozma, but also Drake's 80th birthday."


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