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Can We Use Space Lasers To Clean Up Space Junk?

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Channel: Seeker
Categories: Astronomy   |   Environmental   |   Science   |   Technology  
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How do we get rid of space junk? Here's how scientists are planning to zap away debris and de-clutter space!

Could You Get Hit By Falling Space Junk? -
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The Mad Plan To Clean Up Space Junk With A Laser Cannon
"If a team of astronomers has its way, the International Space Station will be outfitted with a spiffy laser-wielding telescope. No, no, hold on-it's not to kill aliens or rebel civilizations. It's to clean up a huge mess."

Orbital Debris Quarterly News
"The Orbital Debris Quarterly News (ODQN) is a quarterly publication of the NASA Orbital Debris Program Office. The ODQN publishes some of the latest events in orbital debris research, offers orbital debris news and statistics, and presents project reviews and meeting reports, as well as upcoming events."

Japan Is Preparing To Launch A Giant Magnetic Net That Will Trawl Space For Junk
"Next month, Japan's space agency (JAXA) will launch a space trawler - a spacecraft that will drag a giant aluminium and steel net while orbiting Earth, hoping to bag itself some space junk."

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