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Can Your Face Get You Elected?

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Studies indicate that facial features can convey many traits of a person. Might politics even be based on looks rather than qualifications?

Why Unlikable Candidates Get Elected -
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The Look Of A Winner
"The field of cognitive psychology teaches us that, when faced with a data deluge, the human mind tends to simplify the decision-making process by relying on quick and easy strategies, or what many scientists refer to as "heuristics." Given the complexity of voting-candidates hold many, subtle positions, and voters are bombarded with information-it should come as no surprise that voters take mental shortcuts to arrive at their final decisions."

Identifying The Brain's Own Facial Recognition System
"The ability to recognize faces is so important in humans that the brain appears to have an area solely devoted to the task: the fusiform gyrus. Brain imaging studies consistently find that this region of the temporal lobe becomes active when people look at faces."

How Does The Brain Recognize Faces From Minimal Information?
"Our brain recognizes objects within milliseconds, even if it only receives rudimentary visual information. Researchers believe that reliable and fast recognition works because the brain is constantly making predictions about objects in the field of view and is comparing these with incoming information. Only if mismatches occur in this process do higher areas of the brain have to be notified of the error in order to make active corrections to the predictions."


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