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China's Crazy Plan to Launch an Artificial Moon

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Channel: Seeker
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Chinese scientists are planning to launch an “illumination satellite” into orbit in 2020, but will it work?

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Man-made moon to shed light on Chengdu in 2020
“China's space industry is preparing to launch the world's first artificial moon to help with urban illumination at night, a leading scientist said. China plans to put an artificial moon in orbit above Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan by 2020.”

China wants to launch a fake moon in 2020 that is definitely not a Death Star
“The so-called ‘illumination satellites’ are not meant to replace the moon, China Daily reports. Instead, the satellites will be designed to complement the light of the real moon, although it’s hard to imagine they won’t outshine the real thing, as their light is expected to be eight times brighter.”

Why China’s artificial moon probably won’t work
“The plan might not be all that sound, though, according to satellite experts. Based on the scant details available, in fact, the satellite would probably never work, says Ryan Russell, an associate professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.”


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