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Claude's Clumsy Song | GORILLAVILLE

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Sarge wants to punish Ganto for being clumsy yet again, so Claude sings a catchy Calypso tune to change his mind. Will it get Ganto off the hook or just make Sarge even more mad?

→ Credits ←
Executive Producer: Ron Yavnieli
Executive Producer: Birk Rawlings
Created by: Ron Yavnieli

Written by: Laila Berzins & Michael Gavin
Directed and Storyboarded by: Ron Yavnieli
Production Associate: Rachel Eck

The Voices of Bobo, Ganto, and Claude: Ron Yavnieli
The Voice of Sarge: Michael Yavnieli
The Voices of the Parrots: Laila Berzins

Producer: Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy
Technical Director / Production Designer: Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy

Art Director and Colorist: Christian Daniels

Lead Animators: Aidan Casserly, Marcelo Nader, Katie Henderson, Anita Brett, Christian Daniels, and Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy.

Animation Cleanup: Brent Anderson, Robert Medina, Patrick Holland, Sawyer French, Lisa Mao, and Cecilia Wong.

Editing/Compositing: Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy

Music Composition and Sound Design by: Max Repka

Special Thanks:
Steve Smith, Lois & Guri Yavnieli, Liat Yavnieli, Ben & Ruth Rabiner, Frank Gladstone, Frank Terry, Jeaux Janovsky, David Rock, Conrad Montgomery, Chris Jay, Aaron Goldberg, Jane Goodall, Nim Chimpsky, Koko the Gorilla, Pierre Boule', Rod Serling, Merian C. Cooper, very special thanks to Eric Malamud for his contribution to the original idea and concept designs for the series.

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