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color blind test - color blind test - can you actually see all the colors?

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color blind test - are you color blind? how sharp is your vision? this color blind test will check your eyes to see if you can actually see all the colors. if you enjoy my videos and want to see more please subscribe!
In this video, you will be shown 10 different images to determine if you are color blind. See if you are able to get all 10 correct.

color blind test - are you color blind? how good is your eyesight? what colours can you see in these examples? do you see color like everyone else? tell us in the comments

Color blindness, also known as color vision deficiency, is the decreased ability to see color or differences in color. Color blindness can make some educational activities difficult. Buying fruit, picking clothing, and reading traffic lights can be more challenging, for example. Problems, however, are generally minor and most people adapt. People with total color blindness, however, may also have decreased visual acuity and be uncomfortable in bright environments.

The most common cause of color blindness is an inherited fault in the development of one or more of the three sets of color sensing cones in the eye. Males are more likely to be color blind than females, as the genes responsible for the most common forms of color blindness are on the X chromosome. As females have two X chromosomes, a defect in one is typically compensated for by the other, while males only have one X chromosome. Color blindness can also result from physical or chemical damage to the eye, optic nerve, or parts of the brain. Diagnosis is typically with the Ishihara color test; however a number of other testing methods also exist.

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