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Coronavirus Is Changing Everything

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By Aspen | Subscribe: |

Since finding out about the coronavirus pandemic, Aspen has been very concerned about the virus and the effect that it's having on our world. Like so many teens, she wants to share her thoughts and feelings about COVID-19.

When Aspen found out that someone from her city tested positive for coronavirus, she was immediately concerned. She knew that it was just a matter of time before the virus spread, and she was really scared about what that would mean for her and her family.

Aspen went to Walmart with her friend to stock up on supplies for the pandemic - non perishable foods, cleaning supplies, etc. - and she could hardly believe what was going on at the store. All of the shelves were empty and there were crazy lines at the registers. People were bribing other shoppers with money for supplies. It was a truly crazy sight to see.

Recently, the virus wasn't even close to Aspen's city, and she felt like she had nothing to worry about. She was able to hang out with her friends like she always did, and they could sit near each other, put their arms around each other and take selfies. But within such a short period of time, everything changed. Aspen and her friends were forced to separate and stay quarantined.

Now, Aspen has remained on lockdown and hasn't been able to leave her house. She is worried for other people's safety, and she doesn't want anyone to get hurt. She doesn't want this virus to turn into the apocalypse. Her school is officially closed, and nothing feels the same around her city. All of the stores and restaurants are closed, too, which makes Aspen even more afraid.

Aspen has a hard time sleeping at night, and she stays up worrying about the future. When she texts and Facetimes her friends, they talk about how worried they all are and how unsettling this whole thing has been. Coronavirus is changing everything.

Aspen's advice is to follow all the important guidelines we've been given - don't touch your face, wash your hands frequently and practice social distancing. Aspen wishes everyone luck for the future.

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