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Could Everything We Know About String Theory Be Wrong?

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Channel: Seeker
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It’s been 50 years since string theory was first proposed, but now some new research could call it all into question.

WTF is Quantum Retrocausality? (ft. Physics Girl) -

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String Theory May Create Far Fewer Universes Than Thought
“The problem with string theory, according to some physicists, is that it makes too many universes. It predicts not one but some 10500 versions of spacetime, each with their own laws of physics. But with so many universes on the table, how can the theory explain why ours has the features it does?”

On the Cosmological Implications of the String Swampland
“We study constraints imposed by two proposed string Swampland criteria on cosmology. These criteria involve an upper bound on the range traversed by scalar fields...We find that inflationary models are generically in tension with these two criteria.”

Dark Energy May Be Incompatible With String Theory
“A controversial new paper argues that universes with dark energy profiles like ours do not exist in the ‘landscape’ of universes allowed by string theory.”


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Special thanks to Maren Hunsberger for hosting and writing this episode of Seeker!
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