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Could Ice Volcanoes Harbor Alien Life?

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When ice volcanoes erupt in space, they send a curious mixture of elements into the solar system. So what is it about these elements that have scientists excited?

These Scientists Chase Volcanic Eruptions Because We’re So Bad at Predicting Them -

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This Is The Wonderfully Weird Science Behind Ice Volcanoes
“Cryovolcanoes are pretty much the same as “conventional” volcanoes here on Earth. They rise up above the landscape – although certain volcanoes on Earth, Io and Venus don’t actually do this – and, when active, tend to spew liquid contents all over the place.”

Ice Fountains on Enceladus
“Fountains of water ice blast thousands of kilometres above the surface of Saturn's tiny moon Enceladus. It is thought that the pull of Saturn's powerful gravity distorts the moon and heats the interior, forming an underground ocean. When this reservoir of water contacts the vacuum of space it vaporises and explodes above the moon. Any liquid water freezes instantly.”

Titan's Volcanoes Give NASA Spacecraft Chilly Reception
“Data collected during several recent flybys of Titan by NASA's Cassini spacecraft have put another arrow in the quiver of scientists who think the Saturnian moon contains active cryovolcanoes spewing a super-chilled liquid into its atmosphere.”

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