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Could the Millennium Falcon Actually Go Faster Than the Speed of Light?


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Channel: Seeker
Categories: Physics   |   Science   |   Technology  
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We asked a physicist if Han Solo and Chewbacca's ship could really travel faster than the speed of light, here’s what we found.

Another Universe May Have Bumped Into Ours and We Might Have Proof -

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The Ultimate Spaceship Face-off
“It’s a little odd that a genre about science, the field of precision, can be so imprecise. The truth is that spaceships almost always fly at the speed of the plot. But, for those who refuse to accept that, this is a definitive guide to ship speeds, based on highly scientific computer simulations and highly unscientific speculation.”

Why Don't We Have a 'Star Wars' Hyperdrive Yet?
“It's a staple of the "Star Wars" universe, dating back to the first movie in 1977, when Han Solo and his trusty band of renegades zipped between stars using the Millennium Falcon. But is this hyperspace drive really a thing? Can you go faster than the speed of light?”

Star Wars: What Would Hyperspace Travel Really Look Like?
“The sight of the Millennium Falcon making the "jump to lightspeed" is one of the most iconic images from the Star Wars trilogy. But University of Leicester students have calculated that – in reality – Han, Luke and Leia would not see the light from stars stretching past the ship as we are shown in the movies.”


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