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Could These Numbers Unravel New Dimensions in Space?

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Channel: Seeker
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These multidimensional number systems are helping us explain the laws of nature. Here’s how.

Can Hawking’s Black Hole Paradox Be Solved With Fuzzballs? -

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The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie The Laws of Nature
“The first three of these “division algebras” would soon lay the mathematical foundation for 20th-century physics, with real numbers appearing ubiquitously, complex numbers providing the math of quantum mechanics, and quaternions underlying Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity.”

Division algebras and physics (Video 1/14). First video ~ general audience
“Short videos filmed by Vincent Lavigne and seminar by C. Furey, Walter Grant Scott Research Fellow in Physics. In Trinity Hall at University of Cambridge”

Four-Dimensional Numbers: The Quaternions
“But would such numbers ever have practical applications? As it happens, these are exactly the numbers used to describe the orbits of the motion of pairs of pendulums. And quaternions have been recognized in recent years as one of the most effective means of communicating information about rotations to a graphics computer. Thus some of the most abstract algebraic constructions in four-space can be visualized as geometric phenomena.”

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