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Could you go a week without producing any trash?

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Lauren Singer lives a nearly trash-free life, but she didn’t go zero waste overnight. Her story, and some easy tips to get started on reducing your own waste.

Can poop power our cars?

A growing number of waste experts think that shooting for zero waste is realistic, not just for individuals, but for large organizations, even cities. And there’s good reason to try: waste is a major contributor to global warming, both in the production of goods that end up in the trash, and the emission of greenhouse gases from the trash itself.

Conservation International CEO and UCLA Visiting Researcher M. Sanjayan talks with Lauren Singer about how she went from an average trash-producing person, to someone who can now fit five years of garbage in a small jar. Singer provides simple tips to help you start down the road of reducing your waste, even if you never hit zero.

Find out more about Lauren Singer and how she made a zero-waste life both possible and painless:

- Is it really possible to live a zero-waste life?


Can poop power our cars?

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