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Could you survive a black hole? | Earth Lab

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Channel: BBC Earth Lab
Categories: Astronomy   |   Science  
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What would happen if a human ventured into the Event Horizon, or the edge of a black hole? The laws of physics say they would be both dead and alive, thus creating an information paradox. Subscribe to Earth Lab for more fascinating science videos:

The information paradox was eventually solved by Susskind in the '70s.

Horizon: The Hawking Paradox
In 2004, Stephen Hawking admitted he had made a mistake. After nearly 30 years, the man who discovered black holes was claiming that his entire theory about them was wrong. The word was: the great man was losing it. In an intensely powerful and personal film, Horizon follows Stephen Hawking as he prepares to deliver the paper that he says will prove his doubters wrong, once and for all.

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