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Crystal Dragons - 200 Foot Long, 2.5 Million Crystals

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A glassmaking company by the name of LASVIT, has created the worlds largest piece of jewellery ever made, in the form of 2 giant crystal dragon chandeliers, located in the lobby, of the imperial palace casino in Saipan.

The Lasvit Group, founded in 2007 and based in the Czech Republic is a leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke light fittings and feature glass installations.

The two Crystal Dragons, are made out of stainless steel, gold, and crystals, and the dragon bodies are made of a stainless-steel structure, which forms the complete shape of each dragon.

Two dragons fighting over a flaming pearl are a symbol deeply rooted in Chinese mythology. Lasvit materialized this symbol in the form of a jewel piece, which aims to be listed in the Guinness World Records and now decorates the lobby of the Imperial Palace Saipan.

Each dragon, are covered with stainless steel scales fitted with crystals. Each scale is made out of 290 Swarovski crystals, the same type used in jewellery. In total there are 13 thousand scales fitted with 2.5 million crystals covering both dragons.

The dragons have five fingers on each foot which bears a special meaning, according to LASVIT. During the reign of the Qin dynasty, the five-clawed dragon was assigned to represent the Emperor while the four-clawed and three-clawed dragons were assigned to the commoners. It looks like more than just the crystals make this pair worthy of royalty.

Each light source has four channels red, green, blue and white, and the light levels on all can be dimmed. While the LED chips light up the body, LED spotlights illuminate the special parts, like dorsal thorns or the tongue. The light can thus travel through the dragon from head to tail and change its colors in any way.

The two dragons were mounted in the lobby, of the imperial palace casino in Saipan. Once both dragons were mounted, they stretched over 200 feet or 60 mtrs long and weighed 40 metric tons.

The dragons represent, two dragons fighting over a flaming pearl, which is a symbol deeply rooted in Chinese mythology, and it took the company more than three years of work, and hundreds of employees to make this project happen, and cost $250,000,000 Million Czech Korunas or about $11.8 million US dollars.

According to Lasvit, since the 2 dragons are so large, and covered in jewellery crystals, it may earn them a guinness world record, as the largest piece of jewellery ever made.

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